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5 Best Ways to Use Bridal Glow Spray!

5 Best Ways to Use Bridal Glow Spray!

If you haven't tried StansOut Beauty Bridal Glow Spray, now is the time! It gives a beautiful, lit from within, glow that looks nothing short of Bridal! Because it is not an oil based formula, it won't disrupt your makeup or leave an oily look. There are lots of ways to use it, but these are my favorite 5!

1. Use it as a Primer Spray

I love to begin my makeup routine with a nice glowy mist, it feels refreshing, but also creates a tacky base for my foundation to stick to! This is how you will get the most subtle glow. (You can also enjoy just using it on its own for no makeup days! Hello glowy healthy, natural skin!)

2. Use it Mixed in with your Foundation

After spreading foundation on your face, but before blending, spritz a few sprays of Bridal Glow onto your face and then blend your foundation. This keeps your foundation nice and liquid to allow for the easiest blending! It is a beautiful way to add a subtle glow to your base!

3. Use it to Enhance your Eyeshadow

Want to make your eyes really pop? Use a little glow spray after dipping your shadow brush into a shimmer shadow! This will really bring out the shimmer in your eyeshadow and is sure to make your eyes pop!

4. Use it as an All-Over Finishing Spray

After your base is completed (ideally before your eyes) give an all over mist to your whole complexion to achieve the highest level of glow! Make sure and shake the bottle before misting to make sure none of the glowy magic has settled! Hold about 12-18 inches away and spritz. Start with 2-3 sprays and then continue as much as you want to glow! To lock in your makeup and get a perfectly blended glow, pounce over your face with your StansOut Beauty Sponge.

5. Use it to Apply Highlight only in Specific Areas

You can use Bridal Glow to highlight just the high points of your face such as cheekbones, nose, forehead, and chin. I like to spray some Bridal Glow Spray on the edge of my StansOut Beauty Sponge and then pounce that dampened edge along my cheekbones and nose leaving the most beauty highlight.

6. Bonus! Use it all over your body

Bridal Glow Spray looks absolutely stunning along your clavicle and chest, along your legs, or even to make your shoulders pop!

Bridal Glow Spray is for everyone! It complements any makeup routine and is sure to leave you as glowy and radiant as your wedding day!



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