Q: My sponge is yellowing! Is it still safe to use?
A: Absolutely! We don't add any uneccessary harsh chemical or dyes to our sponges to prevent the yellowing which occurs from sunlight oxidation. It is completely harmless and doesnt affect performance at all. To prolong the white coloring, store your sponge out of sunlight such as in a drawer or makeup bag.
Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: We sure do! Just proceed through the checkout process and you can check the shipping cost for you when your zip code is entered! We also have our StansOut Beauty Sponges listed on Amazon in Canada and the United Kingdom.
Q: My washcloths aren't as soft as they used to be. Why?
A: They might be on too high of a dry cycle temperature. Try air drying them to prolong the life of the softness!
Q: Why is my eyeliner drying out?
A: Be sure and store your eyeliner with the cap down to keep all the pigment right at the tip so it applies perfectly! Also be sure the cap gets replaced completely!
Q: I know the StansOut Beauty sponge can be used dry, but can I also use it damp?
A: Definitely! If you prefer a wet sponge you can dampen it before use. So, when to wet your makeup sponge? You can dampen your sponge when you first receive your sponge. You should be using it damp the first 3-5 uses to get it broken in.
Q: Can I use other skincare products with my washcloths?
A: Absolutely! If you are removing a really stubborn waterproof mascara, try putting a little eye makeup remover directly on the washcloth and gently rubbing to remove it. It also makes removing a skincare mask a breeze!
Q: How long does shipping take and how much is it?
A: 2-7 days after 1-2 days of processing. Our fulfillment center is located in Salt Lake City, Utah so the closer you are to Utah, the faster it will arrive. πŸ™‚ Orders to the U.S. include free shipping!
Q: I am a pro artist and want to know if you have an artist discount.
A: We take these on situation by situation so send us an email to ask@stansoutbeauty.com and we will help you out!
Q: Do you have an affiliate program?
A: We do! It's a really excellent and competitive program too! It is free and easy to sign up and once you are signed in it will give you a specific link to share with your followers. If they use your link, you will receive 10% of the sale direct to your paypal!
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