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jami stanfield

I was (and still am!) a makeup wearer and lover just like yourself. I enjoyed trying new things and am always waiting for the next best products to hit the market. One thing I kept anxiously waiting for and hoping for was a beauty sponge that you didn’t have to dampen before use. I wanted a beauty sponge that was always soft and ready to be used!

While I was traveling often with my husband, I found myself applying my makeup in the car and on-the-go all the time. It wasn't always possible to dampen my beauty sponge. I realized that a sponge that was always ready to go was a key makeup tool that was missing from the makeup industry, so I decided to create it! That is how the StansOut Beauty Sponge idea was born.

After months and months of chemical modifications to get the formula just right, we finally nailed it! For the design of the shape I had many ideas and sketches. We didn’t have any tools to cut sponges so we resorted to Darin’s metal angle grinder to try and bring my sketches to life. We cut the current design (very roughly) and I fell in love with the functionality of it!

Bonus: it looks like a diamond. We truly found the diamond in the rough. Now I am so excited for you to fall in love with the StansOut Beauty Sponge just as much as I have! Get ready for flawless makeup with StansOut Beauty Company!

-Jami Stansfield, Founder

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