August 17, 2022

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mrs idaho power of progress


Welcome to a journey of empowerment, transformation, and inspiration. Delve into the remarkable story of Ellon Chase (Mrs. Idaho American) and her path to participating in the prestigious "Mrs. American" pageant. This narrative is not just about pageantry; it's a story of personal growth, the discovery of inner strength, and the profound impact one can have when fueled by a passion to serve and empower others.

Over 16 years, Ellon's journey has evolved from a quest for self-improvement to a platform for positive change. She shares her motivations, commitment to holistic health, and the development of her empowering platform, "The Power of Progress: Transforming All Aspects of Health Through Simple Daily Routines."

She also talks about what "Mrs. Idaho American" means to her and how she leverages her title to advocate for change and well-being. Through her story, you'll witness the significance of making progress toward healthy goals, her joy in her multifaceted life, and her unwavering dedication to inspiring women to stand up, stand out, and stand together. Join us as we tell the inspiring tale of Mrs. Idaho American and her extraordinary journey to represent her state on the national stage.

Mrs. Idaho's Inspirational Story

Mrs. Idaho American's journey to success is a testament to determination and passion. Her story is one of personal growth through pageantry, leading her to a deep commitment to holistic health.

Paramount to her journey is her platform, "The Power of Progress: Transforming Health Through Daily Routines." She believes in the importance of simple daily routines to transform lives.

As a published author, speaker, and school counselor, she has inspired and guided others, helping them understand the importance of healthy change. We'll explore Mrs. Idaho American's passion for well-being, her sources of joy, and her efforts to inspire women to stand together. Her journey reminds us of the remarkable strength within and the impact one person can make with a powerful mission.

In Her Own Words: Mrs. Idaho American Shares Her Insights

What inspired you to enter the "Mrs. American" pageant?

I have been participating in this pageant over the last 16 years, and initially, I loved it because of the process of personal growth I experienced. Over time, I realized that I loved the person I was becoming through pageantry and that I could use my experiences to help and serve others. It also has been a catalyst for me to develop my platform, "The Power of Progress: Transforming All Aspects of Health Through Simple Daily Routines.  

What does being "Mrs. Idaho American" mean to you?

It is such a privilege to hold the title of "Mrs. Idaho American 2022" and the increased visibility that allows me to share my message about the importance of improving every aspect of health. I feel my years of competition have prepared me for the responsibility of representing the women of Idaho and using my experiences to serve. 

What are you most passionate about?

I am passionate about transforming health! At a really low point personally, after I lost my mother to suicide, I was determined to change and become healthier in every area of my life and help others do the same. I used the process of implementing simple daily routines and was able to make some significant personal changes. Making progress toward healthy goals gives us feelings of well-being. That's the true "Power of Progress"! Creating those feelings through healthy changes is vital to our well-being. As a published author, speaker, and school counselor, I help others understand the importance of healthy change and give them simple tools to become healthier. 

What brings you joy? 

Spending time with my family, working as a School Counselor, organizing spaces, hanging out with friends, fresh air, and sunshine, and helping others through teaching my workshop, "The Power of Progress: Transforming All Aspects of Health Through Simple Daily Routines."  

How do you inspire women to stand up, stand out, and stand together in your life? 

I teach a workshop based on my platform, "The Power of Progress," that details how to know yourself better, how to identify your purpose, how to narrow down and set healthy goals, and how to build strategies and routines to accomplish those goals. These steps can empower women and help them transform their lives in all areas of health. And strong, healthy women become leaders who inspire everyone around them. 

What is your favorite StansOut product? 

I absolutely adore the Makeup blending sponge! It's so much better than any sponge I've used! It can be used wet or dry. It's big, so it covers a lot of areas fast, and it's super soft, so you feel like you are being gentle on your face! I use it to blend my foundation and concealer, apply powder, and even set my makeup. I keep several of these little beauties stashed around the house!

What are you most looking forward to as you represent Idaho on the national stage? 

Getting to know women from all across the country who are giving so much service to their families, communities, and states! They are such a force for good in the world and so inspiring! And I will be able to share with even more people the importance of making healthy changes and the process that has helped me transform all aspects of my life.


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