January 12, 2024

How to Blend Extensions with Short Blunt Hair

Have you ever felt regret after having a short haircut? Imagine you are hitting a party tomorrow and messed up with your hair today. Chopped your hair but are not satisfied with the result. Don't worry; you no longer need long, bouncy, and thick hair to look good. Hair extensions can help you a lot to get rid of it. How does extension help to give you a comprehensive and bouncy hair look while having short, blunt hair? Wondering about it? Before that, let's briefly discuss hair extensions.

Hair extensions are a popular cosmetic accessory that adds length, volume, or style to natural hair. Quality extensions can be made from human hair or synthetic materials and come in various styles, colors, and attachment methods. Depending on the type and application technique, hair extensions can be temporary or semi-permanent. Hair extension helps in many ways to give you a thick and long hair look. After knowing how extension helps to give life to your blunt cut shorter hair look, I am sure you are excited to learn how to blend extension with short blunt hair. So, let's dive straight into knowing more about it.

Hair Extensions on Short Hair: Why Is It Important?

Many people desire longer hair, but only some succeed in growing natural hair to their desired length. The reason for this may be different. Some people may face this due to increasing pollution status, while some may have a genetic tendency toward the volume and length of their hair. Nutrition and healthy hair care practices also affect the hair condition in individuals. Wearing extensions offer an instant solution by adding size and creating the appearance of longer, thinner, and bouncy hair. Hair extension provides the desired volume to the hair you want to style.

It also allows you to experiment with different hairstyles and colors. An extension can be found in different colors and used to create styles like ponytails, updos, curls, Iron straight, etc, that may not be achievable with natural hair alone. Blending hair extensions can be essential to people with short and thin hair. Hair extension can help enhance hair beauty by adding volume and length to natural hair by filling the gap areas where hair lacks the most.

Choosing Best Hair Extensions for Short Hair

Choosing the best hair extension to blend in short hair can be a little challenging, but it is possible. Don't worry you are not alone. We will guide you to find the best extension that seamlessly blends in with your short blunt hair to give you a natural-looking hair look. Here are some tips for choosing the best hair extensions for short hair that boost your confidence while clip-in hair extensions:

1. Choosing the Right Length

Hair extensions can be found in different sizes of lengths. Since you have short hair, your preference will be quite similar to your existing length or slightly longer. If you have too short then definitely you have to go through a little longer. All that matters is how long you want your desired hair to look. Choosing the right length of extension helps ensure looks natural and blends well with your existing hair.

2. Selecting the Right Types of Extensions

Different types of hair extensions are available with different procedures for blending them. Hair extensions like tape-in, sew-in, and fusion extensions are commonly found that help to give different eye-appealing looks to those who have short blunt hair.

Extensions are also widely used by people with long hair who want to try different colors and styles in their hair look. For those who have short blunt hair, clip-in extensions are usually the best option as it is the easiest and most convenient to wear. No professional is needed to install or blend the extension into the existing hair.

3. Go for High-Quality Extensions

Hair extensions can be found in various varieties, including natural and synthetic human hair. Choose high-quality extensions made from 100% human hair as far as possible. Choosing human hair extensions helps to give a more natural look and can style just like your own natural hair. Human hair extensions can be a bit expensive compared to synthetic hair, but trust us, using human hair extensions gives you an unbelievably realistic look and is very easy to style.

4. Consider the Color and Texture

Choosing the color and texture of hair extensions is essential for a natural look. Try to match an extension color to the natural color of your hair as closely as possible. The color of the hair extension should be chosen according to the facial skin tone to beautify the look. Whether you have curly or straight hair, always choose an extension texture according to your natural hair texture. Doing so makes your extension blend well and looks natural.

Choosing the best hair extensions for short blunt hair involves considering length, type, quality, color, and texture. By taking these factors, seek professional advice if needed. Research for reputed brands for the quality product of hair extensions. You can find extensions that seamlessly blend with your natural hair, giving you the desired length and volume.

Blend Extensions with Short Hair Perfectly: Quick Tips

Blending hair extensions with short, blunt hair is fun and challenging at the same time. But with the proper techniques and products, you can achieve a seamless and natural look. Here are some steps to help you blend hair extensions with short, blunt hair perfectly:

1. Choose the Right Hair Extensions

Choose a high-quality human hair extension that matches your hair color and texture. Choosing the right hair extension helps to give you the desired results accordingly and makes it easy for other procedures. Clip-in hair extensions are usually the easiest to work with for short hair.

2. Trim Extensions

As an extension can be found in different lengths, you may sometimes have to trim it to match the length of your hair. If you want it long, then it's okay, but if you want something different, then proper trimming also helps to add beauty to your hair look. Most of the people keep extensions long which quite dont give a natural look.

You can also have a professional hairstylist if you need more confidence about trimming. The right way of trimming helps to blend extensions to look natural and stylish.

3. Create a Solid Base

Before applying the hair extension, prepare your existing hair to create a solid base. Depending upon your desired result, you can either use a flat iron to straighten your hair or a curling iron to add loose waves and volume. The main goal after doing this is to make your hair as natural and smooth as possible.

4. Section Your Hair

Divide your hair into horizontal sections, starting from the nape of your neck and working your way up. Use a comb to create clean and even partings. Sectioning your hair helps in an effortless blend of hair extensions.

5. Tease Your Hair

Take a thin section of your natural hair close to the root, and use a teasing comb to backcomb or tease the hair gently. This will create some volume and texture, making it easier to conceal the hair extensions.

6. Apply the Extensions

Now, this is a part we are looking for. Open the clips of the hair extensions and place them close to the root of the teased hair section. Close the clip off to shut down and secure the extensions in place. Start from the bottom and work your way up, attaching the extensions to each section of hair.

If you use a tape-in hair extension, gently lift the hair and place your extension. Apply the adhesive tape between your separated hair and overlap it.

7. Blend the Hair

Once the extensions are correctly placed, gently comb your hair to blend the extensions with your natural hair. Use a brush or a wide-toothed comb to avoid tugging or pulling on the extensions, which can cause damage.

8. Style as Desired

Whether your preferred style is to straighten, curl, or add some texture to your hair, you are ready now. Use a holding hair spray to hold it stronger and style it differently. Using heat-protective styling tools also helps to protect your natural hair and the extensions.

9. Use Products for Blending

You can use some hair products to further blend the extensions with your natural hair. A volumizing powder or dry shampoo can add texture and help create a seamless and natural look.

Coming till this journey, we are pretty sure that you know how to blend extensions with short blunt hair. Following all the above processes,  you now have a perfectly blended hair extension that looks more like natural hair. 

You don't need to worry about occasions and parties as you can easily prepare yourself for a mind-blowing hair look. It's up to your preference whether you want to put your hair extension before or after your daily morning skincare routine to prepare for some special occasions.

How to Hide Extensions in Very Short Hair

Hair extensions help to enhance the overall look by adding length and volume to the existing hair. Extensions should be blended properly for longevity. Sometimes, noticeable hair extension malfunction occurs. So, it is essential to hide the presence of hair extensions to look more natural. It is quite an easy job to hide extensions in long hair. However, focusing on some major things helps to hide extensions in concise hair, too:

It is essential to ensure the proper and accurate placement of hair extensions to achieve a seamless blend with your natural hair, hiding the presence of extensions. If you have an oily scalp, opt for clip-in extensions as they are more suitable, given that tape-in extensions may not endure the excess oil. Trimming the extensions to an appropriate length is essential for a well-integrated appearance, shaping your hair and reducing visibility.

Matching the texture of the extensions to your natural hair contributes to a more authentic look, effectively concealing their presence. Using styling products to experiment with various styling techniques, such as curling or straightening, helps create a uniform appearance. Additionally, accessories like hair bands, scarves, or clips can further conceal the attachment points, making the extensions less noticeable.

How to Take Care of Hair Extensions

Taking proper care of hair extensions is essential to maintain and increase their life span. Adequate care of extension helps to give a more healthy and natural appearance, ultimately saving your money. Regular brush before and after washing the extension. Start combing your extension from ends and work your way to the root. Place your hand right at the top while combing to prevent unnecessary fall of the extensions. Always remember that overwashing your extension is not too good. Aim your washing every 1-2 weeks or as per the need for the extension based on the use of it.

Choose shampoo and conditioner free from sulfate and alcohol; free from these formulas likely to damage less. Avoid applying conditioner near the root as it may cause slippage to extensions. Be gentle to extension; avoid rubbing or pulling - instead, massage gently when you finish the wash. Right after, allow soft air blow to dry. Avoid using excessive heat tools, as heat may easily damage the extensions rather than that use heat protectant spray or the lowest possible heat settings.Whenever you finish using the extension, store it properly in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight. You can use a dedicated, breathable store bag to protect them from dust.

Proper care is needed when you try a different style with an extension. Unnecessary stress while styling can create a huge damage in extension. Being gentle and avoiding massive hair care products can extend the life of extensions. Depending on the type of extension you use, visiting a professional stylist for maintenance is advised. Nothing more, just this simple routine, and you have a healthy and natural-looking hair extension for an extended period of time. Use correctly and care wisely to enjoy the beauty gifted through the hair extensions.

Conclusion of Blending Hair Extensions on Short Hair

Hair extensions provide different beauty styling options, especially for those with short hair. Knowing the proper way to blend extensions added extra flavor to the beauty. Moreover, here we discuss how it should be blended properly and how you can properly care for it. In short, the best way to blend hair extensions is by sectioning your hair from the bottom of the hair and slightly working it up. Remember, every time you section your hair, clip in extension in a row, then straighten or curl as your desired style to mix your natural hair and extension.

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