September 10, 2023

Back to School Makeup Tips: Begin with Confidence, Conquer with Style!


Hey StansOut Beauty Babes! Ah, back to school – the time when alarm clocks become our daily wake-up call, and textbooks replace beach reads. But hey, why let the end of summer break your glam game? StansOut Beauty's got your back with some fab back-to-school makeup tips that'll make you the belle of the hallway! Check out our back-to-school beauty checklist and start the school season with a bang. Let's turn those classrooms into your personal runway, shall we?

Back to School Makeup Tips: Stand Out From the Crowd

Tip 1 - Prep and Prime with StansOut Bridal Glow Spray Set and Prep Mist

Before diving into the books, prep your canvas with back to school makeup! Our Bridal Glow Spray not only hydrates your skin but also ensures your makeup lasts from the first bell to last throughout the school year. Just mist it on before you apply your foundation or as a finishing step in your school makeup routine - don't forget to blend! A fresh, dewy start to the day? Check!

Tip 2 - Set the Scene with a Flawless Base (Makeup Blending Sponge Alert!)

Hide the tell-tale signs of those inevitable late-night study sessions with our Makeup Blending Sponge! Whether you're a high school student or a college-goer, wet or dry, it's always soft and always ready to be your BFF for achieving that flawless complexion with simple makeup. Dab, blend, and conquer the school year with confidence: A+!

Tip 3 - Dare to Define with Black Diamond Eyeliner

Time to make an entrance and show off your back to school makeup looks! Our Black Diamond Eyeliner lets you define those eyes for an unforgettable impression. Whether you're going for a classic line or a fierce wing, the precision felt tip and smooth matte black will make 'em stare! Perfect for high school students and college fashionistas alike.

Tip 4 - Sparkle and Shine with Diamond Lustre Lip Gloss

On Wednesdays you wear pink? Swipe on some Diamond Lustre Lip Gloss for instant sparkle and hydration during the school year. Available in 5 flattering, moisturizing shades of pink and boasting the most glamorous packaging ever, you'll be the queen bee before you know it! Shine on, girl. You're the brightest star in the cafeteria with your stunning school makeup.

Tip 5 - Wind Down with StansOut Makeup Removing Washcloth

After acing the day, treat your skin right with a simple makeup removal routine. Our Makeup Removing Washcloth gently removes makeup, leaving your skin fresh for a night of sweet dreams. You can also use our reusable cotton round pads that help to remove the makeup application easily. Imagine school makeup gone with just warm water?? Get ready to be obsessed with this essential addition to your back-to-school makeup kit!

School Makeup: Dos and Donts

School Makeup: Dos

Hey there, fabulous high schoolers! Let's talk about school makeup that's as fresh as a spring breeze. We're all about keeping it natural for your back-to-school makeup game. Think of it as a simple makeup routine that'll make you look like you woke up like this (even if you didn't).

So, what's the deal? Start with a light-coverage foundation or tinted moisturizer. No need to go all cakey-cakey here. We want you to rock a natural look that's perfect for the school year.

Now, say hello to your secret weapon – concealer! It's like your bestie in a tube. Use it smartly to hide those blemishes, redness, or under-eye circles. Blend it in like a pro, and voila – you've got a flawless finish. Perfect for those school selfies, right?

But wait, there's more! Your brow game needs to be on point. Groom those eyebrows, high school style. Grab a brow pencil or some powder and fill in those sparse areas. You'll be framing your face like a pro, adding a touch of sophistication to your back-to-school makeup.

Now, let's talk mascara. It's pure magic for your eyes. Want those peepers to pop? Mascara is the answer. High school students, this is your ticket to brighter, more awake-looking eyes. Trust us; it's a must in your school makeup routine.

Thinking about eyeliner? Keep it subtle, my friends. A delicate line along your upper lash line is all you need. No need for drama in the classroom, right? We're all about simplicity when it comes to school makeup.

Lips! Go for lip colors that mimic your natural shade. Tinted lip balm or nude lipstick – it's like a school-friendly secret weapon. High school students, this is your chance to keep it simple yet totally polished.

And last but not least, finish it all off with setting spray. Lock in that gorgeous school makeup, especially on those long school days. Your makeup will stay fresh and fabulous throughout the day.

School Makeup Don'ts

Alright, beautiful people, let's talk about what not to do when it comes to school makeup. Save the drama for special occasions; school isn't the red carpet, after all.

First off, no heavy contouring, bold smoky eyes, or glitter explosions for school. Let's reserve those looks for the weekend parties and events, shall we?

Say no to the cakey look. You don't need to layer on the foundation like you're building a house. Keep it light and natural; you'll thank us later.

Bright neon colors? As fun as they are, they can be a bit distracting in the classroom. For school makeup, go for more subdued shades and save the neon for your Friday night shenanigans.

Mascara lovers, don't overdo it. Clumpy lashes? No, thank you. If you need to separate and define, a lash comb is your best friend. School makeup, but make it clean and polished.

Lipliner should complement your lip color, not compete with it. No need to go all '90s supermodel on us. Keep it balanced and natural.

Skincare is your base layer for makeup, so don't skip it. Cleanse, moisturize, and sunscreen up. Healthy skin is the secret to fabulous school makeup. Learn more about skincare tips on Stansout Beauty blogs.

And for the love of clear pores, remove your makeup before bedtime. We know you're busy being awesome but sleeping in makeup can lead to those pesky breakouts. Make it a nightly routine, high schoolers, and keep that skin glowing all year long!

Stay fabulous, stay fabulous, and have an amazing school year! 

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Back to School, Not Back to Basics!

Back to school doesn't mean back to basics! With StansOut Beauty, you've got the glam tools to make this school year unforgettable. So, dazzle those hallways, make your mark, and let your beauty shine as brightly as your future with these incredible back to school makeup tips and school makeup ideas.


What are some quick and easy makeup tips for a back-to-school look?

Use light foundation, a touch of mascara, and a natural lip color for a quick school look.

How can I create a natural makeup look for school that doesn't take too much time?

Achieve a natural look with tinted moisturizer, a swipe of blush, and a nude lip gloss.

Which makeup products are essential for a back-to-school makeup routine?

Essentials include foundation, mascara, eyeliner, lip balm, and a neutral eyeshadow palette.

What are some makeup hacks for staying fresh throughout the school day?

Use setting spray, blotting papers, and a small makeup kit for touch-ups during the day.

Are there any skincare tips or products to complement a back-to-school makeup routine?

Prep with a gentle cleanser and moisturizer, and don't forget sunscreen for healthy skin.

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