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3 of My Favorite Makeup Hacks!

3 of My Favorite Makeup Hacks!
I have been wearing and loving makeup since Jr. High! I hear a lot of influencers and other people in the beauty community say they didn’t get into it until later and after High School, but not me LOL. I went through a lot of really rough makeup phases, but I like to think it was all part of the learning process! Of all the tips and tricks you can find out there, these are 3 I find myself always going back to and constantly using. Of course everyone’s skin and face is different, but these 3 hacks work for me!


  1. Do your Base First.

On paper it seems like it would make sense to do your eyes first because then you don’t have to worry about the fall out of eye shadow, but in reality there are multiple reasons I like doing my base first. I am able to prep everything! When I prime I can prime my eyelids too, when I apply foundation and concealer, it goes on my eyelids too, and even through my brows. Once your base is done, you have a perfectly even and primed canvas to work with. 2. I also love doing my base first because you don’t have to be careful around your eyes. I have messed up too many eyebrows and eyeliner looks by bumping my foundation into it. When you do your eyes second, you don’t have to be careful with blending your face products and can get a really thorough, even blend. 3. I love to do my eyes second because if I run out of time for some reason (maybe this doesn’t apply if you aren’t in #MOMLIFE lol) then at least my skin looks nice for the day! I would much rather have even looking, nice skin, than a half finished smokey eye LOL! Also, we tend to be more careful when applying our eye makeup so I don’t find fallout to be that hard to manage. A quick sweep of light powder and your undereyes look perfectly fresh and new again (make sure your face is set with powder though before applying your eye makeup because fallout does get hard to clean up if you are having to clean it off of un-set foundation or concealer). My favorite tool for applying all my creams and powders is, of course, our stansOut Beauty Sponge which you can shop here!

 2. Set All Creams with Powders.

This goes from everything from your foundation to cream eyeshadows! To get the most long-wearing makeup, everything that is cream needs to be set with a powder. I tend to use a lot of foundation and concealer, which also means I need a lot of powder for it to last all day long. Don’t be afraid of too much powder! You can easily fix a look that is “too powdery” with a setting spray. For a super long lasting eye look try using a cream eyeshadow topped with a powder eyeshadow. It will not budge! Have an eyeliner that transfers to your lids? Try setting it with a black eyeshadow. Cream contour? Set it with a powder bronzer. You will get so much more wear time from your makeup by setting your creams! For my favorite non smudge eyeliner (shadow not necessary) click here!

3. When Covering Blemishes, Don’t Blend All Your Concealer Away!

The most common mistake I see when people are trying to cover a blemish is that they blend away all the concealer. Cover your blemish with a nice, thick pot style concealer, and then let it set for 1-2 minutes and apply foundation over the top and blend the foundation. Don’t blend all the concealer away or your blemish still won’t be covered. Again, powder to set all your creams comes in really handy for this hack too! My favorite concealer for covering blemishes is this one by NYX.


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