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Your search for the perfect makeup sponge is over! The StansOut Beauty Sponge is a revolutionary blending sponge  that is always ready to be used! WATER NOT REQUIRED!

The design was expertly crafted to blend out every area of your face perfectly. The large rounded side quickly covers the large areas of your face such as cheeks, forehead, and chin.

The triangular side is perfect for blending products in the under eye area resulting in a youthful and awake appearance!

The flat side can be used for perfecting the contour areas such as cheekbones, jawline, and along the nose.

The StansOut Beauty Sponge is completely multi-functional and can be used with all your cream and powder products. This means you can replace 7-10 makeup brushes with just one tool!

Need a touch up tool? The StansOut Beauty Sponge is a great addition to throw in your purse! You can use to quickly re-blend and touch up throughout the day!

Not sure how to get rid of “cakey makeup”? The StansOut Beauty picks up and evenly distributes your product so you never are left with cake face!


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33 reviews for StansOut Beauty Sponge

  1. Jenna

    This is by far the best sponge I’ve ever used!! So much softer than any others, doesn’t absorb my products, and makes blending so effortless and easy! You need one!

  2. Josie W

    This is the greatest blending sponge!! It saves me so much time and leaves such a flawless finish! Couldn’t recommend it enough!

  3. Brooke B

    I love this sponge because not only does it allow me to spend less time on my makeup but it also gives a beautiful flawless finish! It has quickly replaced all of my favorite foundation brushes!

  4. Lourdes Ramirez

    Honestly, this has been my ONLY tool for applying my makeup the past few weeks!For foundation, for concealer, even for my setting powder! It blends everything so effortlessly and seamlessly.. all the edges on the sponge are your helping hand to get into all the corners and smallest part of your face. The texture and softness of the sponge is like no other!!

  5. Belen

    I Did A Video On This “Marshmallow” Sponge & OMG Its Hands Down AMAZING ! Its Been My Go To Ever Since I Used It For The First Time. I Totally Recommend For You Guys To Check It Out, It Leaves You Looking FLAWLESS ! & Girl I Get Complements On My Makeup Thanks To This Sponge.

  6. Laura

    This sponge is seriously a game changer!! I get my makeup done so much quicker and the results are so perfectly smooth and blended!! Plus it soaks up so much less product! I highly recommend!

  7. Yvette Pacheco

    SERIOUS GAME CHANGER! I cannot believe how amazing this product is.
    My makeup looks flawless and airbrushed. I am absolutely obsessed and I recommend this
    product to everyone!! It is the newest staple in my makeup kit. PS. It is like a memory foam
    mattress for your face. Thank me later 😉

  8. Sarah Lloyd (verified owner)

    So amazing

  9. Judy Armstrong

    A devoted Beauty Blender gal…until now! Got my sponge the other day, love it and oh by the way, try it for powder bronzer, blush and setting powders, it’s does a flawless job. I was so impressed on the application of the powder products, I am ordering another now and clearing away a lot of brushes.

  10. Theresa Reyes

    This is definitely the best beauty sponge I have ever used! Easy to use, easy to clean, doesn’t absorb my make-up. I have never had so many compliments on my make-up, & the only thing different is the sponge I used! I threw out all my other sponges today, new or not!
    Thank you for an amazing product! It truly us a diamond in the rough!

  11. Willi (verified owner)

    This is just like the sponges I used back in the 70’s only it’s bigger and a much better shape. It allows you to apply your makeup flawlessly and get into every corner when blending concealer. I would highly recommend but suggest that you order more than just the one sponge like I did. The delivery, duty and taxes are too high! But the sponge is great and you will use forever!

  12. Jessica Welch (verified owner)

    I don’t like this sponge and it sucks that it is so expensive and I just have to eat the cost. It doesn’t blend my foundation good at all. I’ve tried it wet and dry both ways make it so the makeup doesn’t apply evenly to my face I don’t know if mine is defective but I don’t see what the hype is all about and especially not for $20. I’m wondering if the positive reviews are from beauty influencers that are sponsored. If anyone has any suggestions on how I can make this work I’ll try because what do I have to lose, I’m already out the money.

    • admin (verified owner)

      We are sorry to hear you haven’t enjoyed your StansOut Beauty Sponge. We recommend spreading the product onto your face and then using the sponge to blend it in as opposed to putting the product directly on the sponge. Hope that helps!

  13. Jello (verified owner)

    I saw Tati use it on YT and had to try it. It came quickly and I was amazed at how well it applied my makeup, how easy it is to clean and how versatile it is. I use it for liquids, creams and powders. A true one stop shop for application for the face. So good I bought another!

  14. Jeanie (verified owner)

    I have tried a few sponges and nothing blends my makeup like the StansOut Beauty Sponge! It doesn’t leave sponge marks on the face nor does the sponge absorb all my makeup. I will be buying another one!

  15. Willi Romita (verified owner)

    I was curious about this sponge because it reminded me of the kind of sponges I used in the late 70’s and early 80’s. I did not like using a sponge you have to wet first. First because it’s a pain to have to wet it down at each use ans also because water does not blend well with an oil based foundation!Back then we only had the small triangle sponges to work with. This sponge makes application so quick and easy and well blended. The size means you can cover the area faster. The shape gives you great straight edges which I use frequently when cleaning up an area like under the eyes or when baking or reverse contouring. This sponge has become my ride or die thank you Stans Out Beauty!

  16. kadence watson

    i would love to try this product it has a lot of good star reviews but im scared tati on you tube showed this to me any one else like it.

  17. Kaz (verified owner)

    I am in Australia and am lucky enough to be an international customer. Love my sponge for these reasons……super soft, doesn’t drink my liquid foundation, shape is very versatile and works foundation easily around my nose and the customer service from StansOut has been amazing. Thanks for a great product.

  18. Marianela (verified owner)

    I finally got my hands on the most wanted StansOut Beauty Sponge – oh boy!!! I love, love this sponge so much. My makeup routine has changed for the better – my skin looks smooth and flawless. I also, wanted to say what a pleasure it was to correspond with Jami Stansfield. I had a minor issue with the sponge being delivered to the UK and she was a delight to correspond with. What an amazing customer service this Company has. My e-mails were immediately dealt with. I found Jami, cordial, professional and generous. I think it is important when you have a brilliant product that you also pair it with a great customer service, so that it can be fully successful. I definitely recommend the OutstandsOut Beauty Sponge. To Jami, I wish all the success in the world and well done for giving us this amazing tool. Love from the UK. Marianela

  19. Zulema

    I like this sponge so much. I received it at the @makeupbylesliem Makeup class that Stans out beauty sponsored. Let me say that this sponge has replaced all my other sponges and it’s amazing. It does a beautiful job of blending out foundation fast and easy. Thank you Stans out for sponsoring her class, I hope to see your sponge again in her next class.

  20. Yireliz

    This sponge is amazing! It’s so great and I enjoy using it so much. It’s one of my favorite sponges and I use it all the time. It’s also super easy to clean. It’s replaced all of my other sponges. I received it from @makeupbylesliem Makeup Class. Thank you for sponsoring the goody bag. I loved it so much!

  21. Kimberly Storey (verified owner)

    I cannot believe this sponge! It has been an absolute game changer in my routine. I didn’t think it was possible to make my holy grail complexion products but I was wrong. This sponge takes them to a whole new level. I love the flawless, airbrushed look I am able to achieve. This is my new go-to applicator and I will never be without at least one of these sponges again!

  22. Liz

    I absolutely loveeee this sponge soooo much! This blends out everything so fast. I like getting my makeup done quick and this helps me do just that. I received this sponge from Leslie’s MBLM makeup class and I can say it’s amazing. Thank you for providing this sponge!

  23. Lori

    This sponge is a game changer. It seriously blends foundation, making it look airbrushed. Ride or Die tool for my makeup application!

  24. PrettyLittleThangSpa

    I’m a master esthetician and I do bridal and airbrush makeup, BUY THIS SPONGE! It compares to the airbrush machine, flawless finish. Plus you don’t have to wet it which saves time and it has a large surface area to apply foundation quicker! It’s worth every penny people!

  25. Pat

    Love this sponge! Works better when wet but you can use it dry. It applies my foundation beautifully.

  26. STEPHANIE COX (verified owner)

    HOLY GRAIL — AMAZING. This is the best thing I’ve bought all year… Already bought another one to have on hand because I can not live with out it.

  27. Denise Ryan

    Great sponge ! Works great with my liquid foundation, a must to try.

  28. Andrea Brown (verified owner)

    The sponge arrived and was discolored and yellowed. I reached out to their customer service to talk about a return or exchange and never heard back. I hate sellers that don’t care about their customers after they got their product sold to.

  29. Liz (verified owner)

    This sponge is really great. I wasn’t sure how it was going to help me blend my foundation especially because I have dry skin. Awesome!

  30. Kacie J

    Love it

  31. Ebony

    I purchased this sponge after watching Itsmyrayray use it.When the sponge arrived it was two toned (yellowish and white) not whitw like pictured. Once I used the sponge it left behind small particles of sponge on my face as I applied my makeup. I had to redo my makeup application. I have never had that happen with any other makeup sponge.

  32. Rochelle Doud (verified owner)

    Liked the sponge first few times using it but only had it a few days before it started tearing.

  33. Raneya Abdulhameed (verified owner)

    Placed an order for these sponges a while ago and I still haven’t received them. But i received the email requesting a review. `\_(°~°)_/’

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