StansOut Beauty Washcloth – 3 Pack


CONVENIENT TO USE – These washcloths allow you to take off your makeup using warm water alone. You don’t have to spend money on other liquid makeup remover as this StansOut Beauty Makeup Removing Washcloth works wonders in taking good care of your face.

GREAT FOR ALL SKIN TYPES – These non-abrasive washcloths are designed for even the most sensitive skin. They are incredibly soft and no harsh rubbing is needed. They work for everyone including the most acne prone skin all the way through mature skin.

PREMIUM QUALITY – These washcloths are highly absorbent and soft. They are made free from any harsh chemicals. They can be reused time and time again and can last through hundreds of washes. They are more durable and much safer for your skin than standard cotton towels.

ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY – These washcloths are chemical-free and can replace your makeup wipes which is the number 3 item filling up our landfills.

ECONOMICAL AND PRACTICAL – These washcloths are re-usable for hundreds of uses. They dry very quickly and are mold and mildew resistant.

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Makeup Removing Washcloth

Care and Maintenance

1. Throw your StansOut Beauty Makeup Removing washcloth right in the washing machine with your regular towel load. We recommend doing a hot load. Tumble dry. Safe to use with softener and dryer sheets.

2. Re-washable for hundreds of uses!

3. We recommend washing every 2-4 uses.

Makeup Removing Washcloth

Professional Tips

Completely saturate your washcloth. The warmer the water, the more effective the washcloth will be.

Lay the cloth over your entire face for 15-20 seconds to let the steam start breaking down your makeup. Working in small sections on the cloth, use circular motions to gently remove makeup.

Rinse well and hang to dry and then wash as needed.

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