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When to Wet your StansOut Beauty Sponge!

When to Wet your StansOut Beauty Sponge!

You probably bought your StansOut Beauty Sponge after hearing you didn’t have to get it wet first, right?! While that is absolutely true, there are still times that it might be beneficial to wet it first. We will name a few for you!

  1. Right after opening it.
    If you aren’t much of an instruction reader (guilty!) it’s okay we will give you the lowdown! We recommend getting your StansOut Beauty Sponge wet the first 3-5 uses. Like a great pair of shoes, it needs to be broken in. Once it is broken in, it is the wonderfully soft and bouncy StansOut Beauty Sponge you can’t live without. Getting it wet it’s first 3-5 uses will speed up the break in process and have it mimic a broken in sponge until it actually is a broken in sponge!
    Pro Tip: Wash it right after opening it and that will count for 1 time of getting it wet!
  2. You have dry skin.
    If you tend to fight dryness, then using a damp sponge (not soaking!) can add some moisture back into your skin while it is blending.
  3. Your sponge is cold.
    Sounds odd right? Well, the material was designed to react with the warmth of your skin to become soft and ready to go, so it loves to be warm! If you left your makeup bag in a cold car overnight, for example, your sponge might feel really stiff. The best thing to do is dampen it with warm water to help it return to it’s soft and bouncy state. You can still use the warmth of your skin if you aren’t near water, but it will take a bit longer!
  4. Your face looks too “powdery”
    This can happen to the best of us! It can be easy to go overboard with powder, but you can easily fix this and be on your way! If your look seems dry and powdery, try lightly dampening your sponge (even with a setting spray) and then very gently press the sponge around your face. This will pick up any excess powder and leave you with a flawless, airbrushed looking finish!

Happy Blending! Don’t blend in when you were born to StansOut.


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