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How to Jade Roll + Why You Should Incorporate it!

How to Jade Roll + Why You Should Incorporate it!

Soooooo.... you snagged a jade roller because you have been hearing about how great they are for your skin, but you aren’t really sure how to use it. Been there! We have done some research and are ready to share the most helpful tips we have found!

Before we get into the how though, what about the why? What is the point of jade rolling?

Benefits of Jade Rolling:

Anti-inflammatory– Jade stone is used in Jade rolling because it is a stone that is cold to the touch. Cold has a lot of anti-inflammatory properties which will especially help with things like puffy eyes in the morning. This will also prepare your skin for your best contour! The cold can also help shrink your pores down a bit so your skin will look extra smooth. You will want to of course use a StansOut Beauty Sponge for blending your makeup to keep your skin looking extra smooth!

Lymphatic Drainage- When jade rolling, you are putting pressure on your face and that is pushing fluid, also known as lymph, to your lymph nodes. The lymph nodes processes the fluids and filters out the toxins. You can check out more about this and how it can also decrease sinus pressure here.

Increase Circulation- Increasing the circulation to your face is great for your skin. This will give you a brighter complexion overtime.

Facial Relaxing- Jade rolling can help tell your facial muscles to relax and not be so tense. Who doesn’t love the idea of a mini at home pampering? Facial massages can lead to an improved mood by reducing anxiety.

Deeper and more even distribution of your skincare products- Jade won’t absorb product like fingertips can so it is the perfect tool to apply your skincare with!

How to Use a Jade Roller:

For best results, store your jade roller in the fridge so it is extra cold for you! Always start out with clean skin so you aren’t rolling and pushing bacteria around, and then apply a light facial oil or moisturizer. This will work like a lubrication and make it roll and glide on the skin easier

1. Begin at our decolettage and roll up your neck and do this 3-5 times. Always roll upwards and not back down! This will make sure you are pushing the toxins out.

2. Roll from your chin up to your ears and move along your jawline continuing to roll towards the ears. Do slow and gentle pressure in this area.

3.Roll out from your nose and across your cheeks towards your ears. You can use a more firm pressure here.

4. Roll your forehead. Start above your eyebrows and then up and out to your ears. You can even roll right over your eyebrows. This can also relieve tension causing headaches!

5. Roll your under eyes and even your eyelids, but be very gentle here!

That’s it! You will love the feel of it and the results you will see!

Guess what else? You don’t have to stop at your face, you can even try feet rolling, leg rolling, breast rolling, and scalp rolling!


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